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Several years’ observation of work in the dental office and the co-operation with the most prominent specialists in the field of endodontics enabled us to create ENDO-STATION – an endodontic organizer. This innovative solution provides a convenient and safe work system characterized by its intuitive use and no specialized training requirements.


ENDO-STATION is an unprecedented solution that streamlines the work in every dental office. The moving parts of the device allow it to be adapted to individual requirements, significantly enhancing the comfort of work. Implementation of the ANTI-DROP adapters enabled us to develop a revolutionary liquid collection system. Thus, the entire operation can be performed with one hand without having to repeatedly open bottles and pour liquids. In addition to its functionality, ENDO-STATION is distinguished by its aesthetic appearance and the stability that improves the work safety.


The ENDO-STATION Organizer is available in the following versions:

  • BASIC – basic version
  • PRO – extended version
  • MINI – organizer for syringes