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Endo-Station BASIC

The basic version of the ENDO-STATION Endodontic organizer. It allows for a very simple, fast and ergonomic completion of the procedure of irrigating root canals. All necessary liquids are stored in one place and are safely and easily accessible to the staff and patients.



  • A set of endodontic liquids in bottles fitted with ANTI-DROP adapters: Chloraxid 2%, Citric Acid 40%, Gluco-Chex, Endo-Solution
  • A set of properly labeled 3 ml dispensers with Luer-Lock tip
  • A set of endodontic needles, 0.3 mm in diameter, with lateral hole
  • A set of flexible applicators.


All components are placed on the practical “organizer,” which provides work comfort and safety.
Implementation of the ANTI-DROP adapters enabled us to develop a fluid collection system unprecedented so far.
The entire operation can be performed with one hand, without having to repeatedly open bottles and pour liquids.
ENDO-STATION constitutes an unprecedented solution that will improve the work in every dental office.
In addition to its functionality, it is distinguished by the aesthetic design and stability, further increasing work safety.


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