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Fluor Defender

Protective enamel with fluoride for children




  • Improvement of enamel strength
  • Caries prophylaxis


- Due to fluoride content it improves remineralisation of the enamel.
– Builds protective layer on the enamel’s surface. 
– Use for children after the age of 3 and adults. 



0,1% fluorosilane (1600 ppm F¯), HEMA, excipients. 


Available packages:

- Fluor Defender mini: 3x 1 ml of preparation + set of disposable brush applicators.

- Fluor Defender standard: 6 x 1 ml of preparation +  set of disposable brush applicators.

- Fluor Defender maxi: 10 x 1 ml of preparation +  set of disposable brush applicators.


Instructions for use:

1. Clean the teeth surface

2. Dry with air stream or cotton rolls

3. Isolate the operative area with rubber dam

4. Shake the vial before use. Open the vial, withdraw about 3 drops of the preparation and place them in a dish

5. Apply a thin layer of the preparation evenly using the supplied brush applicator

6. In the event of decreased interdental spaces, dental cord can be used

7. Dry gently with stream of air for minimum 30 seconds.

8. Remove rubber dam

9. Do not eat or rinse oral cavity for at least 45 minutes after treatment



Coating treatment may be repeated every 6 months, in case of increased risk of tooth decay – maximum every 3 months.

A vial of preparation is intended for 2-3 patients with full dentition, the brush applicator is for single use only. Multiple use of the brush applicator may cause the risk of re infection.

The product does not require light curing.







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