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2-Propanol pure p.a.


Isopropyl Alcohol is gentle and organic dissolving agent, it could be used as an antiseptic liquid and for cleaning of surfaces, it has degreasing and disinfection properties.


Available packages:

- bottle of 200g

+ adapter



Isopropyl Alcohol can be used in dentistry during dental treatment.

1. In alternat use with sodium hypochlorite it reduces surface tension and increases ability of hypochlorite to penetrate even into root canals of a very small diameter.

2. It accelerates drying of the root canal.

3. It helps to remove temporary root canal fillings containing iodoform.


Bottle with adapter:

As the only one producer worldwide we have introduced into the market bottles with adapter that makes it very easy to take the preparation from the bottle into the syringe.


All you need to do is to screw end of the syringe into the adapter’s opening placed in the bottleneck, slope the bottle upside down, pull on the plunger and take the liquid directly from the bottle into the dosing syringe.


With adapter you can use all types of disposable syringes available on the market – both luer and luer-lock type.


Handling the product Isopropyl Alcohol:

picture 1                picture 2              picture 3

1. as irrigating agent isopropyl alcohol should be applied to the root canal alternately with sodium hypochlorite by means of syringes with endodontic needle (pic.1). During root canal preparation it is recommended to use preparations containing disodium edetate, for example Endo-Solution, Endo-Prep.

2. to dry the root canal – after root canal precise preparation as the last agent use isopropyl alcohol applied by means of syringes with endodontic needle, next dry it with paper points (pic.2)

3. removing dressing with iodoform – rinsing repeated several times is resulting in condensing of the dressing, it makes removal of the dressing very easy, treatment should be closed with drying of the root canal by means of paper points (pic.3).