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Antistatic foils


Foils which are used for our visors are the result of our longstanding search for foils which are in keeping with all requirements for that kind of product.  They have the highest transparency parameter – 99,75% and ensure perfect vision and long life time.


Set of foils STANDARD are thiner (125 microns) and contains 5 pieces.

Set of foils RELAX, RELAX LIGHT are thicker (175 microns) and contains 4 pieces.

Advantages of foils:

  • Antistatic (don’t attract the dust and dental swarf)
  • Ideal flow stream (easy for cleaning with water stream)
  • High anti-reflection reaction
  • High transparency parameter (nearly 100%)
  • Perfect breaking resistance, what is not without of meaning
  • The highest quality confirmed with the certificate CE



One side of foil is covered with “anty-fog” coating which prevents its evaporation when working.

On the other side is the logo of Cerkamed company which should be seen outside after mounting.


If the foil is mounted reversed – the quality of work decreases.