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Calcium hydroxide material enriched with barium sulphate and iodoform is recommended as temporary filling of the root canals.


Active substances:

calcium hydroxide 10%, iodoform 30%


Available packages:

  • syringe of 2,1g + set of applicators
  • MEGA PACK – 4 x 2,1g + applicators



  • Reduces inflammation
  • It has drying effect
  • It stimulates rebuilding of damaged periapical tissues and creation of reparative dentine by odontoblasts
  • Prevents from penetration of exudates into the root canal system




Iodoform contained in CALCIPAST+I makes the drying and bactericidal effect much stronger.

It also acts fungicidal and virucidal.

It is highly recommended for treatment of infected root canals.


Handling the product CALCIPAST+I:

picture 1               picture 2               picture 3                      picture 4

1. prepare the canal mechanically using materials for chemo-mechanical preparation (Endo-Solution, Endo-Prep Cream) (picture 1), rinse copiously (Chloraxid) (picture 1) and dry the canal (for example Canal Clean)

2. to dry the root canal thoroughly use Endo-aspirator and paper points (picture 3)

3. fill the canal with CALCIPAST+I by introducing applicator to the depth of 1/3 of the apex opening, remove excess of paste, close the cavity tightly (for example with Total Blend), leave for a period of 1 week up to 30 days, after that period exchange temporary filling (Calcipast) (picture 4)