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Preparation for dissolving gutta-percha


Available packages:

- bottle of 10ml

+ set of application pipettes


Active substance:

eucalyptus oil 100%



Eucalyptol is intended for dissolving gutta-percha.


It is gained from eucalyptus extract.


Colorless or yellow liquid with specific, nice cineol scent and spicy, cooling flavour.


Eucalyptus oil has a strongly antibacterial effect and it’s very effective against Vibrio, Staphylococcus et Streptococcus, also against bacteria immune to antibiotics.


Using Eucalyptol instead of any other gutta-percha solvent may decrease the risk of adverse effects.


Handling the product EUCALYPTOL:

picture 1               picture 2               picture 3               picture 4


1. insert 2-3 drops of the liquid into the root canal (picture 1)

2. remove gutta-percha (picture 2)

3. if gutta-percha is still dry or fragile, use another dose of (picture 3)

4. repeat this action as long as needed (picture 4)