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Iodoform pure p.a.


Available packages:

container of 30g


Iodoform is used for root canal treatment. It is one of the components of some root canal filling in paste.


Iodoform it acts slightly anesthetic, dries exudates, acts hemostatic, do not irritate the periapical tissues.


Iodoform itself doesn’t have antiseptic properties, only in contact with tissues, especially with serous or purulent secretion it goes under gradual decay emitting free iodine.


Handling the product IODOFORM:

picture 1               picture 2


1. prepare a root canal (picture 1)

To fill the root canal mix iodoform with chosen material.

2. insert material into the root canal by means of Lentulo needle, close the cavity, leave for 1 week up to 30 days, after that period exchange the filling to calcium hydroxide material (Calcipast) (picture 2)

To remove filling with iodoform use preferably isopropyl alcohol