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MTA+ pro

Material for filling and rebuilding of the root canals

Active substances:

Calcium oxide and  silicon, iron, aluminium, sodium, potassium, bismuth, magnesium oxides, calcium phosphate.


Set contains:

10 x 0,14g MTA+; 1ml liquid; MATRIX MTA+


MTA+ is especially indicated for use in the following cases:

  • demineralization lesions of the root canal
  • reverse filling of the apex of the root
  • direct pulp capping
  • pulp amputation
  • in the treatment of teeth with incomplete root development

It rematerializes hard tissues and  tightly secures tooth canal.

Instructions for use:


Handling the product MTA+:

pic.1                                                 pic.2                                             pic.3

pic.4                                                 pic.5


1. Place on the mixing plate content of MTA+ powder from the glass vial and 1-2 drops of MTA+ liquid dosed by the pipette (pic.1 – pic.3).

2. Mix them within 30 sec until obtaining consistency of the wet sand (pic.4). If the consistency of mixture is too much dense or crumbly it is necessary to add next drop of the liquid (or distilled water).

3. Insert  preparation into selected field by means of the amalgam carrier (pic.5).

When mixed to MTA+ liquid (or distilled water) the prepared dose of device should be used  within next 10 minutes.


Comparison of MTA+ grains taken with scanning microscope.

MTA+ as the only product is characterized by nanoparticles.

As a result of the technology developed by CERKAMED, the MTA+ particle is  three times smaller than the smallest particles of material  produced by other manufacturers.


Why the smaller grain is better?

- facilitates penetration of calcium ions to the demineralized tissue

- facilitates packing material in the application site

- facilitates preparation

- increases  sealing  process

- increases  strength

- homogeneous and phasing of the material reduces setting time

Photo 1                               Photo 2                                Photo 3

Photo 1. Pictures of MTA+ Cerkamed  grains  taken with scanning microscope.

Nanoparticles with similar size and compact weight. Uniform structure facilitates preparation, application of the material and  sealing.

Photo 2., Photo 3. Pictures of other MTA leaders on the market.

Particles with varied size forming agglomerates. Lack of uniform structure hinder the preparation and accurate application  and decreases the sealing process of the filling.



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