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Protective visors COMFORT


Our protective visor COMFORT ensures comfortable and hygienic work for dentists and dental technicians. It prevents infections transferred by air and enables protection against swarf of the worked materials.


Comfortable and elastic frame (available in different colors) ensures wide range of sight not preventing any movements.


The frame was designed in such a way that people wearing corrective glasses will be also able to use them. This is a feature not found in any other type of a protective masks on the market!!!



  • Perfect protection and comfort of work for every dentist and dentist technician
  • Modern design
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Extremely light
  • High braking resistance
  • Elastic, compression free frame easily adapting to the face
  • Two metal, “crocodile” clips (COMFORT) holding firmly
  • Available in different colours
  • Antistatic foils in two different sizes (thin STANDARD 5 pieces in  one packet and thick RELAX 4 pieces in one packet) ensuring perfect vision and long life time
  • Stable and safe packaging


Each set is composed of a frame and a set of antistatic foils containing 4 thick foils, RELAX version or 5 thin foils, STANDARD version. The foils have the highest transparency parameter – 99,75%.


The high quality of the used material makes the whole visor extremely resistant and very light at the same time. The visor does not pose any additional weight for the head and the spine while many hours of work.


The highest quality of this product is related to the lowest price on the market.


Way of mounting the foil to the visor

COMFORT visor includes metal clips which allows to mount a foil of different types in a very easy way.

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Protection of your personal data is important for PPH CERKAMED Wojciech Pawłowski, which has adopted appropriate measures in this regard.

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