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Total Blend Dentina


Light – cured material for temporary fillings based on calcium hydroxide


Active substance:

calcium hydroxide 15%


Available packages:

- syringe of 0,5 g

- syringe of 1,5 g

+ set of applicators


Handling the product Total Blend:

picture 1               picture 2               picture 3


As a foundation for composite

1. Rinse and dry the defect (picture 1)

2. Choose shade of preparation (dentina or white) and apply a thin layer on the bottom of the cavity (picture 2)

3. Cure light for 20 seconds (picture 3)



picture 4               picture 5               picture 6

As a hermetic closing of canal inlay

4. Treat and fill the root canal with a chosen medicine (picture 4)

5. Apply a thin layer of TOTAL BLEND and cure light for 20 seconds, recommended applying a few layers of the material for getting the perfect seal(picture 5)

6. Fill the cavity with a chosen material (picture 6)


Preparation available in two shades:

TOTAL BLEND WHITE – enamel shade

TOTAL BLEND DENTINA – dentine shade


Light cured material used as a temporary, hermetic filler, closing the access to the tooth cavity, especially useful for application in deep tooth fissures.


Appropriately arranged chemical composition ensures rapid remineralisation of the tissue and long lasting anti-bacterial effect. Strong alkaline environment neutralizes and soothes the inflammation effect.

Product contains calcium hydroxide and hydroxyapatite which makes the scaffolding for rebuilding the connective tissue responsible for mechanical endurance of the bones.


That product is highly endured and resistant to rising, perfect as a foundation for composites.

Visible in the X-ray.



  • Protects the endodontic dressing in the root canal.
  • Keeps the devitalizing product in the tooth cavity and protects the mucosa from its harmful action.
  • Protects the final filling of the root canal until the moment of crown rebuilding.
  • Foundation for composites.



After use, keep the syringes securely closed, avoid light exposure, do not use TOTAL BLEND for root canal filling.